Historic Toronto photos from Wellesley Street West

Here are all the photos we have from Wellesley Street West:

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111 Wellesley Street West, Toronto in Queens Park

Construction of the Ontario Legislative Building, Queen's Park

Photo from 133 years ago in 1891 at Latitude: 43.662051° N, Longitude: -79.391547° W

South facade of the Ontario Legislative Building complete during construction

Photo from 133 years ago in 1891 at Latitude: 43.662090° N, Longitude: -79.391440° W

Interior of Parliament Buildings, Queen's Park - showing a staircase

Photo from 129 years ago in 1895 at Latitude: 43.662641° N, Longitude: -79.391708° W

Queen Victoria Monument shortly after it was unveiled on May 27th, 1903

Photo from 121 years ago on May 27th, 1903 at Latitude: 43.662223° N, Longitude: -79.391163° W

Two girls with bows in their hair enjoying the tulips at Queens Park

Photo from 112 years ago in 1912 at Latitude: 43.661678° N, Longitude: -79.390640° W

Tulip beds at Queens Park

Photo from 109 years ago on May 8th, 1915 at Latitude: 43.661709° N, Longitude: -79.391220° W

Legislative Chamber at Queens Park - ornate interior

Photo from 99 years ago in 1925 at Latitude: 43.662553° N, Longitude: -79.391270° W

Aerial view of Queens Park, University and College

Photo from 75 years ago in 1949 at Latitude: 43.660157° N, Longitude: -79.390683° W