Historic Toronto photos from Frederick Street

Here are all the photos we have from Frederick Street:

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85 Frederick Street, Toronto in Old Town

Campbell house in distance at the top of Frederick Street looking at west entrance to freight sheds on The Esplanade

Photo from 97 years ago on September 23rd, 1927 at Latitude: 43.649261° N, Longitude: -79.368515° W Categorized under: Campbell House

125 Frederick Street, Toronto in St. Lawrence

Sherbourne St. Carriage House demolition - view from Frederick, north from Esplanade

Photo from 44 years ago on February 26th, 1980 at Latitude: 43.649045° N, Longitude: -79.368531° W

Demolition of Sherbourne St Carriage House - view over hoarding at Frederick and Esplanade

Photo from 44 years ago on March 27th, 1980 at Latitude: 43.649161° N, Longitude: -79.368053° W