Historic Toronto photos from July 14

There are a number of great web sites that provide historic photos from around Toronto. As I was collecting them for an interactive historic map of the city I realized that it was also interesting to find photos that were taken around the current time of the year.

If you'd like to see photos from today, you can always load this page without parameters to see the last few days worth of photos.

You can also see all the historic photos for a given neighbourhood. A subset of the photos have also been arranged by subject.

1922 Historic photo from Friday, July 14, 1922 - Duplex and Eglinton avenues, looking north in North TorontoDuplex and Eglinton avenues, looking north
102 years ago - Friday, July 14, 1922 - North Toronto
Max temp: 27.8°C - Min temp: 15.6°C (weather details)
Link to archive record - Map location (From the City of Toronto Archives)
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