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Patrick Cummins is a Toronto photographer, author, and archivist with an amazing collection of photos on Flickr. Whether you're looking for photos of gothic cottages around Toronto or photos of variety stores, Toronto neighbourhoods like Kensington Market or Liberty Village Collations likely has a set of photos on Flickr.

And it isn't just Toronto, he has photos from Georgetown and from Guelph, The Cheltenham badlands and CFB Picton.

His amazing collection of photos is highly recommended - take a look!

A collection of his Toronto photos make up the book Full Frontal T.O. - Exploring Toronto's Architectural Vernacular with text by Shawn Micallef.

Here's a wonderful video interview with Patrick Cummins talking about his work - The Impermanence of the Ordinary (2013) from Dale K. Sood on Vimeo.

We have 57 records from this source in our database ranging from 1978 to 2011.

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