Wilderness Survival Video: Building and Using a Survival Kit

A video covering practical survival skills for people who aren't seasoned wilderness types

Spring is in the air here in Southern Ontario, and it is almost time to get back out on the hiking trails. I highly recommend you spend an hour or so and check out a 'Google Tech Talk' video that covers basic survival skills. Things worth thinking about before the unexpected happens, like:

  • What makes a reasonable survival kit? (hint, it doesn't include food, matches, or a fishing hook)
  • How not to get lost
  • How to help searchers find you - and more importantly, your children
  • How to avoid the most dangerous peril when lost - yourself
  • Most importantly, tell someone where you are going, and when you expect to be back.

Check out the January 17, 2007 presentation at Google, by Robert Nielsen on
Google Video and let us know what YOU thought was the most useful fact.