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Intermediate snowshoeing videos

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If you've already run through the three beginner snowshoeing videos then you're ready for three more:

Some good skills to master whether you're out on a trail at your local ski resort, or if you're breaking new trails in the forest. These quick videos are by Sheryl McGlochlin for eHow.com and are worth a look.

Three basic snowshoe videos - putting them on, walking, and getting up if you fall

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A quick search on YouTube and I found some good introductory videos on snowshoeing by Sheryl McGlochlin for eHow.com. We'll start with the basics:

  1. How to put on Snowshoes
  2. How to walk in Snowshoes
  3. How to get up if you fall

I found it really quite easy, once you have the snowshoes on, but these videos will give you a sense of what to expect.

Ontario snowshoeing in December

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Georgian Bay, not yet frozen
We managed to get out on the snowshoes for the first time this season in mid-December. There wasn't a ton of snow yet, maybe a foot, but enough to enjoy the Ontario forest. In some places there were branches sticking up through the snow, but not a lot. Here are some shots of the wonderful old lodge nearby, the afternoon sun in the forest itself, then down to Nottawasaga Bay which still has exposed sand. You can't see it in the photo, but the ski hills of Blue Mountain are directly across the bay, and look amazing all lit up for night skiing.

3 ways to enjoy Photojunkie's Toronto Panoramic photos

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Rannie Turingan is a prolific and influential blogger and photographer here in Toronto. For one of his latest projects (which won him a Nissan Cube) he set out taking panoramic photos with his iPhone. Here are three ways you can enjoy those photos. Whether you're just visiting Toronto on vacation, or if you live here, they are well worth a look!

We'll run through three choices:

  • Standard web page and online map
  • iPhone and Blackberry specific web page
  • iPhone application (that also runs on an iPod touch)

Tiny Beaches rail trail outside Elmvale north to Penetanguishene

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There is a wonderful multi-use trail called the Tiny Beaches rail trail, running north just outside Elmvale up to Penetanguishene. It is a snowmobile trail in the winter, and a great biking, running, and hiking trail in the summer and fall (there are LOTS of bugs in the spring...).

Here's a short video of a few sections along the northern end of the trail from July, 2009.

Ottawa Lock #3 Time Lapse video

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We were in Ottawa last summer, and I've finally got around to adding some music to a time lapse video I made of one of the locks on the Rideau Canal, right downtown.

I used a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS and the built in time lapse function, trying to hold the camera as steady as possible against a railing.

October 2007 Glendon Forest update - construction and salmon

We went for a hike in the Glendon Forest today, north of Sunnybrook, south of the York University Glendon College campus. Some nice red and yellow fall colours, but more interestingly, they are improving parts of the trail (that, plus we saw a huge dead Salmon in the Don River).

Mountain biking in Southern Ontario


There are lot of great trails in Southern Ontario, and not suprisingly they are used by hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, trail runners, ATVs, snow mobiles and cross country skiers, and even on horseback. Usually things go smoothly, but sometimes there are bound to be conflicts.

While the Bruce Trail is primarily a hiking trail, there are sections (or paths near the trail) that permit mountain biking. I've been to two so far:

Wilderness Survival Video: Building and Using a Survival Kit

A video covering practical survival skills for people who aren't seasoned wilderness types

Spring is in the air here in Southern Ontario, and it is almost time to get back out on the hiking trails. I highly recommend you spend an hour or so and check out a 'Google Tech Talk' video that covers basic survival skills. Things worth thinking about before the unexpected happens, like:

  • What makes a reasonable survival kit? (hint, it doesn't include food, matches, or a fishing hook)
  • How not to get lost
  • How to help searchers find you - and more importantly, your children
  • How to avoid the most dangerous peril when lost - yourself
  • Most importantly, tell someone where you are going, and when you expect to be back.
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