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Few changes in 77 years at the corner of Hepbourne and Ossington in Toronto

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Hepbourne and Ossington 77 years apart
Certain sections of Toronto have changed quite a bit, and others, like the corner of Hepbourne and Ossington in Bickford Park have changed very little.

So maybe the neighbours couldn't decide on the colour of the roof, and there are certainly more trees and greenery in the modern picture (a screen capture from Google Street view), but overall very little has changed from the March 22nd, 1934 photo (from the City of Toronto Archives). In particular it is nice to see that the detailing above the store window has survived.

January snow in Toronto

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Seems like whenever we have snow in Toronto we need to blog about it, or at least post a picture or two, so here you go - my two photos of snow on our street, Saturday January 8th, 2011:

Perfect day for a walk, the little convertible's not going anywhere, even WITH snow tires and a hardtop.

Fridge full of fall flowers

We put together some flower arrangements for a friend's baby shower, and left them in the fridge overnight. A good site to wake up to on a Sunday morning!

Fall drive on Shelter Valley Road in Southern Ontario

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I've often noticed "Shelter Valley Road" when driving back and forth along the 401 between Toronto and Kingston. It always looked like a great place to enjoy the fall colours in Ontario with the top down in a convertible, and yesterday I found out I was right! Here are the photos to prove it.

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