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A quick tutorial on using iUI to create a native looking iPhone or iPod touch web page

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I just picked up a new Apple iPod Touch and thought I'd create a version of my photoblog that is optimized for the iPhone and/or iPod Touch. This won't be an actual application available through the App Store, but instead a web page using Joe Hewitt's iUI CSS and JavaScript library.

In this first tutorial we'll:

  1. Download and setup iUI
  2. Create a simple 'Hello World' page
  3. Dream of the final photoblog application

Bart and bottle caps the new UI input devices?

I don't know about you, but my desk is a mess. I embrace the mess as the sign of an active mind, but today I realized it is more than that --- I'm ahead of my time. I'm not sitting here taking a break for lunch amongst garbage, but amongst the UI input devices of the future! Never mind multi-touch displays, iPhones, or even Wii video game controllers. It looks like garbage will form the basis for the new UI!

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