Search Disqus comments using Google


Like many bloggers out there, I've just started using the Disqus comment system here. Seems like it is a popular subject on Twitter and FriendFeed, so I thought I'd give it a try. It didn't take long before I wanted to start searching through the comments to find other bloggers commenting on similar topics (Apple iPhone vs the latest from Noikia, or the latest Canon digital SLR, for instance), but they don't have a real comment search up and running yet, so I created a form here that use Google to do the search.

Bart and bottle caps the new UI input devices?

I don't know about you, but my desk is a mess. I embrace the mess as the sign of an active mind, but today I realized it is more than that --- I'm ahead of my time. I'm not sitting here taking a break for lunch amongst garbage, but amongst the UI input devices of the future! Never mind multi-touch displays, iPhones, or even Wii video game controllers. It looks like garbage will form the basis for the new UI!

Firefox OpenSearch on popup menu after highlighting text

I consider myself a 'power' FireFox user, but I had no idea you could run an OpenSearch search of text you highlight. It even opens the search results in a new tab! Here's a quick video of the functionality in use, followed by the really easy steps to follow.

Intelligent links using Apture in Drupal

Summary: In about 5 minutes I got Apture set up and running in this Drupal blog -- it was quick, easy, and best of all, it works!


  1. Get a user ID and password from the Apture website
  2. Embed one JavaScript call just before the </body> tag in every page
  3. Reload the main page in Firefox or IE and the Apture links were working!

It really was that easy (and no, I'm not in any way associated with Apture).

Google Earth KML file for the photographs on my photoblog

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Summary: A quick tutorial on how I put together a PHP script to serve a Google Earth KML file updated live with all the geo-tagged photos from my photo-blog, stored in MySQL. Rather than having people store the whole, static data file on their local machine, I've created a small, second XML file that uses the <NetworkLink> element to have Google Earth re-load the data file every hour, so that newly geotagged photos are included as well.

If you have Google Earth installed you should just be able to load the KML data file on this page to see a live version of the links.

October 2007 Glendon Forest update - construction and salmon

We went for a hike in the Glendon Forest today, north of Sunnybrook, south of the York University Glendon College campus. Some nice red and yellow fall colours, but more interestingly, they are improving parts of the trail (that, plus we saw a huge dead Salmon in the Don River).

Cory Doctrow reading his novella There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow/Now is the Best Time of Your Life


More wonderful fiction (I hope) from Cory Doctrow. He describes this one as:

    "a long, weird adventure story about the failure of futurism and the difference between 'progress' and 'change,'
    all about immortal children stalking the bones of ruined cities in lethal mechas.
    Disney fans will recognize the title as coming from the amazing, weird,
    awful and wonderful Carousel of Progress ride that Disney built for GE at the 1964 World’s Fair in NYC,
    and subsequently moved to Disneyland, then Walt Disney World."

GEO microformat markup added

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I've added GEO microformat codes to a bunch of the pages here at Wholemap (as well as to my photoblog entries). The various Firefox extensions that I have seem to recognize them, but to be quite honest, I'm not sure really how anyone will use them just yet... are there search engines that recognize them? More information about Microformats in general is available here

Mountain biking in Southern Ontario


There are lot of great trails in Southern Ontario, and not suprisingly they are used by hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, trail runners, ATVs, snow mobiles and cross country skiers, and even on horseback. Usually things go smoothly, but sometimes there are bound to be conflicts.

While the Bruce Trail is primarily a hiking trail, there are sections (or paths near the trail) that permit mountain biking. I've been to two so far:

Free MP3s of Cory Doctrow reading his short stories and novellas


Cory Doctrow is wonderful science fiction writer (among many other things - see his Wikipedia entry for all the details). He has posted a number of his short stories and novellas free on the web for download to your iPod or other music player.

While you can subscribe to his podcast and use iTunes to get the stories, I use the excellent Songbird XUL application to download collections of MP3, so I thought I'd collect the sets of MP3s to make downloading them easier. I'm about half way through the list; I'll update this page as I go.