GEO microformat markup added

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I've added GEO microformat codes to a bunch of the pages here at Wholemap (as well as to my photoblog entries). The various Firefox extensions that I have seem to recognize them, but to be quite honest, I'm not sure really how anyone will use them just yet... are there search engines that recognize them? More information about Microformats in general is available here

For a real-world example, take a look at and reveal the HTML source to see:
    <span class='geo'>
          <span class='latitude'>43.24142005350812</span>
          <span class='longitude'>-79.95407581329346</span>

Pretty simple, really. Using CSS I've hidden that set of <span> elements; in this case I only intend them to be seen by software. For instance, if you have the Operator Firefox extension from Michael Kaply and view the page, you'll see it recognizes one location, and if you expand the details, can show the location on a Yahoo! map, or Google map:

Of course this is just a start, I intend on having Wholemap be able to read GEO microformats to make it even easier to add new pins here.