Bike paths after the Don Valley flooding

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There was an awful lot of rain on Sunday, and when I made my way down to the Don Valley trails there was lots of evidence - muddy paths, one tree down, and the plants along the river all patted down.

Certainly passable, but the mud was really slippery in sections.

Tree fallen on the Don Valley bike trail after flood

Heres a shot of water and mud ON the trail (with the railroad bridge south of Pottery Road reflected in the water, looking like a roll of film):
Mud and water on the trail

In many places the plants were all flattened by the water flowing over the banks:
Evidence of the flood in the patted down plants

The water was never deep on the path, but it did cover the entire path in places, like this section, just south of the Riverdale bridge:
Water on the bike path South of Riverdale

Thankfully all the bridges I passed were just fine, but you could see how high the water was at times - note the trash caught in the tree branches:

Trash in the branches as a result of the high water

Must have been quite a storm at the time!