Cory Doctrow reading his short story Super-Man and the Bugout


Another short story by Cory Doctrow of BoingBoing fame. If you don't want to listen to the story, you can always download the text version and learn more about it. If you want to see what other people have said, check out the 'A Place So Foreign and eight more' page.

This is the third story in the series of:

  1. Shadow of the Motha Ship
  2. Home again, Home Again
  3. Super-Man and the Bugout

The story starts out:

    "Mama, I'm _not_ a super-villain," Hershie said for the millionth time. He chased the last of the gravy on his plate with a hunk of dark rye, skirting the shriveled derma left behind from his kishka. Ever since the bugouts had inducted Earth into their Galactic Federation, promising to end war, crime, and corruption, he'd found himself at loose ends. His adoptive Earth-mother, who'd named him Hershie Abromowicz, had talked him into meeting her at her favorite restaurant in the heart of Toronto's Gaza Strip.

Super-Man and the Bugout

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      MP3 of part 2 of 3 ( 16:49 long )      

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      MP3 of part 3 of 3 ( 21:04 long )      

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