Cory Doctrow reading his short story Power Punctuation


I've been listening to lots of Cory Doctrow's short stories, but find the way he's organized the pages not ideal for downloading using Songbird, so I thought I'd summarize each short story and the downloads here.

So far this story has been my favourite, because the 'voice' is so well done. The story is a collection of letters home, so the main characters personality really has a chance to shine through.

This short story was originally published in Starlight 3 in 2001. More details on the story, and the first few paragraphs, can be found here.

Power Punctuation

MP3 of part 1 of 3 ( 14:14 )
Description and comments

MP3 of part 2 of 3 ( 13:27 )
Description and comments

MP3 of part 3 of 3 ( 10:43 )
Description and comments