Three basic snowshoe videos - putting them on, walking, and getting up if you fall

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A quick search on YouTube and I found some good introductory videos on snowshoeing by Sheryl McGlochlin for We'll start with the basics:

  1. How to put on Snowshoes
  2. How to walk in Snowshoes
  3. How to get up if you fall

I found it really quite easy, once you have the snowshoes on, but these videos will give you a sense of what to expect.

How to put on Snowshoes:

In some ways I found putting on snowshoes the toughest part! While not that complicated, gloves, a large coat, and the cold does make it more of a challenge. Before you get ready to head outside, take a look at the clasp and figure out how it tightens and loosens. It won't be so easy outside, but at least you'll know what to expect.

How to walk in Snowshoes:

Not sure this video really helps all that much... You just have to raise your feet up a bit higher than you normally would. A bit of practice on some flat ground is a good idea before you venture into rougher terrain.

How to get up if you fall:

Probably something worth trying on flat ground, before you're in the forest between trees. Not too complicated, especially with polls.

I've also posted three intermediate videos from the series as well as some advanced videos.