Advanced Snowshoeing videos

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OK, the last of the Snowshoe videos - one more educational video, a fun one, and one I actually made myself:

Enjoy, as always!

Walking downhill in Snowshoes

A good example of what to think of when walking downhill on snowshoes - keep your knees bent, with your weight back just a bit. Try and put your polls down first, and drag you heel in the snow so that the rear traction claws can take hold first. If you start to slip, either sit down, or try running a bit to keep from falling, always keeping your weight back so you don't fall over forwards.

Extreme Snowshoes

Any sport has to have the 'extreme' version, and apparently snowshoeing is no different. Don't try this in your local forest:

My own short walk in Southern Ontario

Finally, a short video I took out on the snowshoes in early January, 2010 with our little Canon Digital Elph:

Snowshoeing by Georgian Bay in January 2010 from David Sky on Vimeo.

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