Churches and other places of worship

Toronto has a long history of Christian Churches dating back to the 1800s, then expanded to Jewish Synagogues in the late 1800's, with Muslim Mosques, as well as Hindu and Buddhist Temples appearing after that. As the demographics of a neighbourhood changed the places of worship left behind often changed to reflect the new groups. 

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Avenue Road Church (at Roxborough)

Called Church of the Covenant 1899-ca 1908, then Avenue Rd. Presbyterian (later United) Church. The building then became The Stone Church ca 1935-ca 1939; Turner Tabernacle ca 1940; Avenue Rd. Church of the Nazarene ca 1942-ca 1948; The Avenue Rd. Church ca 1949-ca 1975; Hare Krishna Temple ca 1976.

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Beth Tzedec Synagogue

In 1955 two historic Jewish synagogues amalgamated to form the Beth Tzedec Congregation - Goel Tzedec and Beth HaMidrash. They hired the architect Peter Dickson to design the new temple. Mr. Dickson had arrived in Toronto 5 years earlier from England, designed other famous Toronto buildings like the O'Keefe Centre, the Benvenuto Place apartments, the original Inn on the Park, and five towers in Regent Park. He died of cancer in 1961.

With about 6,000 members, it is now the largest Conservative Jewish congregation in North America.

The last Goel Tzedec synagogue was opened on Feb 3rd, 1907 on the west side of University near Queen St. West just north of the armories, and was demolished in the 1950s.

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St. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral was designed by William Thomas in the English Gothic Revival style and was primarily funded by Irish immigrants to Toronto. Construction began in 1845, and it was consecrated three years later, on September 29th, 1848. The 80 metre (260 foot) tower and spire were added in 1865-67 by the firm of Gundry & Langley, and in 1890 the addition of dormers was completed by Joseph Connolly. More information is available in the Wikipedia article.

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St. Paul's Basilica

St. Paul's Basilica is home to the oldest Roman Catholic congregation in Toronto, established in 1822. The first church on the site was built of red brick, with the current Italianate or Italian Renaissance-Style structure designed by Joseph Connolly and based on the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome. It was dedicated on December 22, 1889, then elevated to "Minor Basilica" status on August 3, 1999, by Pope John Paul II .

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Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

Timothy Eaton's widow, along with his son, Sir John Craig Eaton, donated the land on the north side of St. Clair Avenue West to build a church to honour the department store founder. The church, designed in an English Gothic style, was opened in 1914, and had for a time tennis courts, a lawn bowling green, and even four bowling alleys in the basement.

In 1915 a stained glass reproduction of The Light of the World by English Pre-Raphaelite painter Holman Hunt was installed. On October 17th, 1917, World War One flying ace Billy Bishop married Margaret Burden, a granddaughter of Timothy Eaton, in the church.

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