Search Disqus comments using Google


Like many bloggers out there, I've just started using the Disqus comment system here. Seems like it is a popular subject on Twitter and FriendFeed, so I thought I'd give it a try. It didn't take long before I wanted to start searching through the comments to find other bloggers commenting on similar topics (Apple iPhone vs the latest from Noikia, or the latest Canon digital SLR, for instance), but they don't have a real comment search up and running yet, so I created a form here that use Google to do the search.

Note that I'm in no way associated with Disqus, and someone let me know once they have their own search up and running, and I'll link to it from here, too.

Update: Hey everyone, apparently there is some uptake on this form -- cool, glad you're finding it useful. Leave a comment letting us know what you are searching for, and why. I did a simple search on 'semantic' which lead me to an interesting blog From Semantic Web to Web of Data but I almost forgot that the reason I was searching in the first place was to find people with similar interests so I could start following them, since the benefit of following people on Disqus isn't really clear to me yet.

Until then, here is a way to search all the comments on Disqus ( or at least all the comments Google has already indexed, I'm not sure just how much a delay there is...)

Added bonus:
First I went to the forum to see if there was a search somewhere, but alas, there is no search there either, so I created this search form to search just the Disqus forums for developer information, their support desk, and general information: