The Lost Symbol Companion: Links, photos, videos, MP3s, and more details


Dan Brown's latest book The Lost Symbol, is full of all sorts of references - religious, scientific, artistic, historical, architectural and on and on. If you're like me, you'll want to learn more about many of them, so I've started collecting maps, photos, videos, audio-clips, and other links to expand on some of the details in the book.

I've divided all this information up into multiple pages, organized chapter by chapter - you should read the chapter in the book first and then delve deeper into the items I present for that chapter -- in many cases you won't want to even see the titles of the links. You might want to skip some altogether, or dig even deeper into others...

Before you even start the book, though, there are some overall items you'll want to learn a bit (or a lot) about:

Location in the Lost SymbolWashington DC

The US capital, Washington DC plays a role in The Lost Symbol. Here is some introductory information if you're not already familiar the city and its history:

Organization in the Lost SymbolThe Freemasons

Even before the book came out, the Freemasons were expecting to be "the bad guys" in the novel. Here are some links to help you learn a bit about this mysterious (or not so mysterious?) brotherhood with "a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols":

Science in the Lost SymbolNoetic Science

If you've started reading the book, the following chapter by chapter guides will help:

I'm not the only one putting together this sort of information - the book is so full of references! Here are few other sites collecting links: